Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Being Seated with Strangers

Andrew Pettingale (student at Austin College):
                "One of the best things about Germany is the food.  I spent some time there, several years ago, and was surprised at how much German culture was based around or on their food.  Food is a cultural experience that is better shared with others and not enjoyed alone.  The European approach to casual dining means that sometimes you will be seated with a group of people that you do not know, and this is considered to be the norm.  Germans love to have festivals that include beer and a variety of different foods.  My personal favorite was the BBQ chicken.  There was also schnitzel, bratwurst and strudel and some foods that you have not heard of.  They are prepared in Kiosks and sold through the area of the festival.  While eating you can expect to talk with people who are from different parts of the world and enjoy a drink listen to live music in the restaurant, on the street or in a beer tent.  Most of the food is authentic, meaning that it is made the traditional way and fresh.  If you cannot make it to Germany then go to one of several different restaurants that are in the North Texas area that serve traditional German food for the flavor of Europe."

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