Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Better Understanding Myself

Peter Keene (student at Austin College):
"Although I have a strong German heritage the only Germanic culture I have been exposed to is the American-German communities that I have been to in Wisconsin, and I cannot say that those are good examples of what German culture really is. Aside from my ignorance of German customs and traditions, I knew very little of the country itself, i.e. its political system, its history, and even those of its neighboring countries like Austria and Switzerland that are, in some respects, similar to Germany itself. But I feel like these reasons are just a side motivation for my learning the language and immersing myself into the German program here at Austin College. My strongest motivation for taking these courses is to learn the language that many of my ancestors grew up learning and to learn about the country from which they came from so that I can better understand my family and myself."

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