Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Friends and Traditions

Brittney Son (student at Austin College): "Germany began to interest me after meeting several German foreign exchange students in high school.  They were all very open towards the different cultures in the United States , especially towards Mexican culture. I was able to explain to them in detail the various traditions Mexicans follow. In return they taught me about German culture, I instantly fell in love with it and wanted to experience some traditions first hand. I have gone to authentic German restaurants that are set up as large meat halls, and they offer a great atmosphere for families. It surprised me how people enjoy teaching and strengthening their German heritage. I mentioned to my German friends Merle and Lana that I wish to study in Germany for some time. They both became overjoyed with my comment. Merle gave me a long list on why I should visit her country. She also explained to me the amazing experience I would have. I am determined to learn German in order to visit Germany and maybe one day speak to my friends in their native tongue."

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