Monday, September 24, 2012

Berlin Wall and Oktoberfest

Helen Hohnholt (student at Austin College): "I spent two months studying German at the Goethe Institut in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany.  Those two months in Germany were amazing. During those two months I was able to travel throughout Germany and be a part of two important dates in Germany.  The first one that I went to was extremely historical, I was able to be in Berlin on the 50th anniversary of the Berlin Wall being built. Being in Berlin for that was amazing. It was such a historical day and there was so much going on. The other main event that I was able to go to was still historical but a little more of a fun time. I was able to go to the opening day of Oktoberfest in Munich. While there I was able to see the opening parade with all of the breweries marching in. It was really fun to see all of the traditional clothing of Southern Germany being worn all around the city. There were many other things that I really enjoyed while in Germany but those two days will always stick out in my memory."

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