Sunday, September 16, 2012

German Ancestry

Colton Turbeville (student at Austin College):
“While part of my family history is connected to Germany and being full German I have not had a lot of experience with the German culture.  I have been introduced to a few foods that normally cause people to think of Germany such as bratwurst and sauerkraut but that is about the extent of my German culture.  I have always been intrigued by the German culture, however. I think because I have some German ancestry I am curious to learn more about the culture and language.  This is the reason I decided to study the German language actually.  I would like to be able to learn the language so I can one day take a trip to Germany and learn even more about it and see how Germans live and how their culture compares to ours.  I think it would be neat to see where some of my ancestors came from.”

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