Monday, September 10, 2012

Think Transatlantic - Blog transatlantic!

During the fall of 2012, Austin College is hosting Think Transatlantic campus weeks, focusing on the relationship between Germany and the United States. A wide array of events, presentations, contests and gatherings fueled by many different academic disciplines will not only examine but also celebrate the importance of this relationship.
This blog accompanies the campus weeks but it also serves as a mouthpiece for all things German-American at Austin College. It seeks to bring together the diverse voices of the Austin College campus community as they intersect with the relationship between the United States and Germany and German-speaking Europe. The blog is not dedicated to a specific theme. Rather, it seeks to collect experiences, impressions, encounters and endeavors in a general way. All members of the Austin College community are invited to participate, be they students on campus or abroad, faculty, staff, alumni/alumnae or friends.The most creative student-authored blog entries will be awarded prizes. 
This blog is maintained by Austin College students Madeline Harrington, Arielle Foster and Madeline Akers. The faculty adviser is Wolfgang Lueckel of the Austin College German Program. We would like to thank the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany for the generous support through a Think Transatlantic grant. Please direct contributions for this blog to:

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