Thursday, September 13, 2012

Feeling of Being Home

Amaud Hassan (student at Austin College):
"Two summers ago, my family made the decision of having a full-on Europe tour for our vacation. It was hard to believe that we would be going to so many places such as the UK, Spain, France, Switzerland, and Germany. Out of all the places we went, the one place that really stood out was Munich, Germany.
The thing that really set Munich apart compared to the rest was its people. It felt that Munich, while a huge crowded city, was also giving a very warm feeling. The people there were incredibly nice. Germany also offered a great atmosphere; the air was very clean and fresh, there wasn’t any real traffic, and people smoked less, too, compared to the other places in Europe we went to. I remember the first time entering Germany. It was at night and we were coming from Austria (another beautiful place). I just remember waking up and thinking that we were back home. Obviously we weren’t, but it just gave me that feeling for some indescribable reason.
However, we didn’t have much time in Germany, although we saw things such as the stadium where the Olympics were held, or the BMW headquarters. If I ever get the chance to travel again, Germany will be at the top of my list."

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